Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stupid Americans

By John Ross Harvey

In the last few days we've had greedy executives steal money from the government for executive bonuses, which considering the fact it was BAILOUT money makes it all the more disgusting and dispicable. I've heard some have offered to return the money.
SOME...have OFFERED... to RETURN the money?

IT"S NOT YOUR MONEY! You shouldn't be offering, you should be returning it.
As for the bigger idiots that decided they would not return the money, send me their names and I'll publish them!

Then we have the loser at FOX, on the RED EYE.
Completely offensive, and entirely misinformed dumbass host, thinks that all the dead soldiers we've given in their country's war with Afghanistan's Taliban regime, should not be allowed to take a break from saving their dumb asses. How about we trade them for you, as see how you feel about it!

There are of course many examples of American Stupidity, but these are most noticeable currently!

Do your part and tell these clowns, to wake up, because their minds are obviously asleep!

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Anonymous said...

Lots of examples of stupid people -witness the kids playing at Clarkson Station on the weekend, resulting in the death of one, or a girl who blackmails a boyfriend into killing another girl, or a union that swears they're not going to help their company survive by not submitting to a wage cut, or a Liberal party leader who wants to be Prime Minister but can't tell anyone what he wants to run for, or a current PM who couldn't be bothered to tell anyone a reason to vote for him until a week before the election - AND STILL WON because of stupid voters, or ...