Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Dancing With The Stars

We now know the celebs being chosen
If you can call them that
Pamela Anderson is best known for being
A misinformed activist for PETA
A wife/girlfriend of a few rock stars
A tool girl on Home Improvement
A lifeguard on Baywatch
And maybe some well read magazine articles...
How are the costume people going to hold her in?
No furs too, they are so screwed.
Expect a ton of black bars on screen for several weeks.
That should keep Bruno amused indefinately.
Shannon Doherty continues DWTS
Pension for keeping the 90210 franchise
Alive and retro
She may have a little less difficulty
Staying in wardrobe, but isn't far off Pam
Kate Goselin and Jake the Batchelor
These are celebs?
OK Melissa was on, and she has found a niche for herself
As an announcer/presenter type person
But Jake wears a Kazoo helmet
Kate needs Nannys not a dance partner
Buzz Aldrin, space pioneer
Assuming he was a mid twenties astronaut in 1969
He's easily mid sixties to seventy now
Which is younger than Cloris
Will Mark Ballas' mom be dancing with him?
After all his dad danced with Cloris.
Gold Medalist Lycacek should be a favourite
Because his gold medal routine had no quads
So dancing should be about the same difficulty.
Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend aka
Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger
May be just as good as Maya but will probably lose in the final.
No disrespect to Donny last time
He was very good, and had a better final
But his popularity was impossible to crush.
Prediction: One of the people I didn't mention
Because I have no idea who they are.

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John Ross Harvey said...

I now know BUZZ is actually 80!