Monday, March 08, 2010

Formula 1 2010 Edition

After a few months of celebration by team Brawn Mercedes
They no longer exist
Driver and Constructor World Champions
The Team is renamed as Merecedes Grand Prix
Jenson Button is now at McLaren Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton
That was the easy part
Red Bull and Toro Rosso remained status quo
Same drivers, same probability of doing well
Vettel and Webber at RB and Buemi and Alguersuari at TR
Ferrari lose Raikkonen to WRC rally and gain Fernando Alonso
And Felipe Massa returns from his horrific accident healthy
BMW left so Sauber takes over, now Sauber Motorsport
With Pedro De La Rosa and Kamui Kobayshi
Where is Captain Kirk everytime we say that?
Toyota left and Stefan took over but despite possibility
Of an opening they were not admitted to the lineup
That opening was for the much predicted demise of USF1
Which has been blamed on their team principals but
Was largely affected by Bernie Ecclestone's constant
Ranting that they had no chance of being ready
He was proven right, even if he caused it to a degree
That was Stefan's hope for an entry but it was denied.
Had they asked earlier when Toyota withdrew
They wouldn't have had to wait so long
When BMW withdrew that allowed Lotus in
As only Manor Campos and USF1 had slots given to them
Manor was quickly renamed Virgin F1 as
Lucky man Branson was funding their entry
Timo Glock and Lucas DiGrassi drive for him
Campos F1 would also have financial trouble
So a new owner saved them to become Hispania Racing Team (HRT)
With long awaited prospect Bruno Senna, and Karun Chandhok of India
The withdrawal of USF1 confirmed Sauber's entry
Renault was also questionable for funds
A Russian driver Vitaly Petrov complete with 12 Million euro
And Lada sponsorship seems to have them in good shape to partner
Polish phenom Robert Kubica
Lotus has Jarno Trulli and Heiki Kovalienen
Virgin and Lotus have a bet going for
Who among them finishes higher in the standings
Billionaires and their bets
Williams hire verteran Barrichello from Brawn and
Rookie Nico Hulkenberg already nicknamed THE HULK but he isn't really
Cosworth has returned after a few years away
Williams, HRT, Virgin, and Lotus will have Cosworths
Mercedes, McLaren and Force India will have Mercedes
Red Bull and Renault will use Renault
Ferrari, Sauber and Toro Rosso will use Ferrari
Stefan would have used Toyota but at present is still out
All teams run on Bridgestone which will also leave after the season
If that wasn't enough drama there is the highly expected
But mostly denied until it was obvious
Return of Michael Schumacher at Mercedes partnering Nico Rosberg
The drama continued when he didn't like car #4 and insisted on car #3
Because of his aversion to even numbers
A previous blog post has my response to that episode
With my aversion to odd numbers
Bahrain practice on March 12 2010, get ready for more drama
It is still possible that teams with pay drivers not performing
This reads Vitaly Petrov at Renault mostly
Will likely replace them with another name from the past
Jacques Villeneve, who at present is ready for Stefan
Despite Stefan not being admitted due to the employment
Of Mike Coughlin of McLaren-Ferrari spygate fame
So it would be great to have Jacques return
But as is often the case, the cards are stacked against him
Which is sad because he is better than the equipment he had
In his last efforts at Sauber and Renault
Had his team been included we would have five world champions
Button, Hamilton, Alonso, Schumacher, and Jacques
For now we have only four
And Rubens can be happy he is younger than two people now on the grid
Michael and Pedro are older

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