Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting on Oprah's show or her Network OWN

So far two courses of action. Promoting road safety with my driver's manual, and signing up for her new network to fulfil a lifelong dream.

Yes, her new network OWN, aka Oprah Winfrey Netork.

My dream is to race professionally, so a workable solution to that dream is to race at Indy 500, as anyone is allowed to, all must attend Indy rookie training school, which I would have to, I plan to pass and compete, should Oprah allow me that opportunity.

So either she has me on her show to promote road safety with my book,
Or she gives me the Indy 500 dream.

For her sake, the book showcase is cheaper to grant, and will pay me more in the end,
provided her viewers buy it.

The Indy 500, noone will care about me or how I got there, after the race is over, unless I won. Not that I won't be trying, but it will be tough for someone my age.

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