Monday, May 10, 2010

Twitter has a case of the Zeros

For some reason some hacker chose
May 10 2010 to have people automatically follow them
Which caused twitter to temporarily
Make all users show 0 following and 0 followers
So for once we have as many as
@aplusk (Ashton Kutcher)
@ryanseacrest (like you don't know)
@theellenshow (again as if)
@thedalailama (because you can)
@aaronpritchett (because he said so about the dalailama)
@biz (he's the twitter guy that speaks/tweets)
@beerhaze thought he may have to switch from beer to heroin
But I don't recommend that
At some point we get our following and followers back
Or we don't keep count
I'm good with that
Maybe then @oprah will have read my book I sent her
And @shortyawards will make a road safety category for next time
But I doubt it
One day likely to be forgotten when the numbers return
Where's HURLEY from L O S T when you need him?

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