Thursday, May 13, 2010

Against The Norm

I am a descendant of Scottish Presbyterians
My wife is descendant of Irish Catholics
In Ireland, North Ireland specifically
That means WAR.
In Chinese Zodiac I am a Fire Horse
My wife according to this a Water Rabbit
Fire and Water obviously do not get along
And Rabbits and Horses are supposed to be bad pairings
In September our pairing will be 15 years of marriage.
As I am also born in June
Geminis are supposed to be Extroverted Gossips
I am an Introverted Listener
My wife is a Libra or a Scorpio depending whose chart picks the end date.
Since I am a double edged sword as a Gemini
Her balanced attitude as a Libra takes precedence.

What's also against the Norm in my commute?
I can actually drive!

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