Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Moronic Motorcyclists

I have no problem with motorbikes
If they respect road rules like everyone else
Organized Bikers like Brotherhood of Ontario
And others of a similar nature
Do respect road rules at least in my presence
Always signalling lane changes and being civil
By obeying speed limits and riding in a lane
In single file for the most part
And wearing appropriate leather protection.
It's the young kids on superbikes
Bikes with ridiculous speeds
That seem to have no respect for anyone.
Today one such motorbike motorist
Wearing a t-shirt and shorts no less
Drove south on DVP past last exit in right hand lane
In order to exit left for Lakeshore Blvd.
Passing several cars including me to be
Exactly in front of me at the traffic lights for Lakeshore.
As the light turned he went to the right lane
No signal, sped to pass cars in front of me
Then signalled left in intersection cutting off many
Which caused a backlog as the light turned amber
He made it through to the left, the vehicle in front of me
Barely got through and I
Was left in no man's land, across rail tracks
And blocking a bike path
When I had entered that space the light was green and
I was proceeded with the vehicles in front of me
But the Motorcycle's dart to the left from the right
Caused a chain of heavy braking
Which left me as the victim
Across a Rail Track which I do not do in traffic
Blocking a Bike Path which I also do not do
All because a Motorbike wants to use his speed
To cut the lines
I'm not impressed
Similar Motorcycle Motorists in Heavy Traffic
Confuse Lines with Lanes
To Illustrate an "i" is SKINNY and an "a" is FAT
Obviously the "a" is a safer location
Lines do not equal lanes
I don't care how fast and skinny you think you are
Running down a line in traffic on a motorbike
is an invitation to getting hit
It is not your ticket to freedom
They will not expect you there
Because you're not supposed to be there
This is also true for unpowered bicycles
Pedalled by humans, that refuse to wait
Patiently like all law abiding citizens do
In vehicles in real lanes
I could use stronger language but my point's been made

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