Thursday, May 27, 2010

Everything I need to learn to Drive I learned in Elementary School

Colours, Shapes, and Counting. Simple Math. Not Rocket Science.

What colour are traffic lights?
Red, Yellow, Green (you really think an elemenary school kid says Amber?)

What shape is a car?
What shape is an escape lane?
What shape was the sign you didn't read?
Diamond, ok a tipped square

What is the most important 4 letter word when driving?

How many lanes do you get when turning once?
What's the difference between 1 and 2?
2 is a loser, 1 is a winner
What is the difference between Left and Right?
Frankly most GTA motorists cannot figure this out
They get it wrong frequently, related to questions above

What's the difference between a parking lot and an intersection?
Motorists park in intersections, drivers park in parking lots
What's the difference between a fire lane and a parking spot?
Fire lanes are for EMERGENCY vehicles ONLY!
Your Nissan getting groceries is NOT an EMERGENCY!

Does a rectangular car fit into a triangular lane?
NO, start reading the diamond shaped road sign.

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