Sunday, February 20, 2011

Foreign Exchange

Last summer our son welcomed a boy from Switzerland into our home for 2 months
August until October
We took him camping, and saw some national museums in Ottawa
Because my son was in French Immersion
And he was a French student here to learn English
They did not attend school together
But 1 other exchange student of my son's friend
Went to the school with him, so that was good.
Now its my son's turn
He is in Switzerland
Yes he's a bit homesick, we've Skyped a couple times now
Today they head for the ski chalet for a week
No internet
My son has been nabbing open networks off his iPod
He'll be skiing in the Alps
A far cry from Horseshoe Valley
But the parents are sports pros
He'll be fine
They walk a lot in Switzerland
So his exercise is already improved
He attends same school as the boy we took in
But he's in a different grade level
Despite the school being way bigger than his here
He hasn't been lost finding class yet
He's also opted out of German and Latin
I suspect French is enough for him
There are a few trips the family has planned
So he'll be busy over next 7 weeks
You cannot equal this experience
Unless you do it again
In three years we may know.
We miss and love him.

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