Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I haven't been on here much
Mostly do to other online activity
I joined
Which had potential to hire you for film and tv scifi projects
I'm really not sure where that is going
Despite Shatner's overseeing the site
I ran for public office in my city
Despite no funds and an online campaign
I defeated 3 opponents
I needed to defeat 10 to win a seat though
Overall, I consider that a success
I created a new comedy Twitter
Sometimes a bit more adult themed
But not always
Still plenty of traffic complaints
A service which tracks favouriting and retweets
Called Favstar
It tracks, clebs, comedians, and tech/marketing gurus
My brother in law has been there for ages
And was even in the top 105 leaderboard for a while
I'm not there yet
But I have 2 100+ star tweets so far among comedy peers
Yes, not average citizens that like humour
Comedy people that appreciate other people's humour
Sure the odd regular person finds your material
And when they like it too, it's better still
Remember that if anyone tries to put you down
Its because they are already beneath you
I've used my middle name
And what I do comedically

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