Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Favourite TV Shows of Each Decade

By John Ross Harvey

Very likely Sesame Street (did not know Star Trek until later)
I know I watched a lot of Scooby Doo and Spiderman
Hee Haw was on in those days
I later came to enjoy Rockford Files, and Barney Miller
All in the Family, and the Jefferson’s, and Maude, and MTM
I think The Incredible Hulk was around then too.
The best though was Columbo. Try 90-minute shows today!
The car shows were big then
Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Hardcastle & McCormack,
Spenser For Hire and Vegas (same guy).
Helicopter shows too
Magnum P.I. (forget the Ferrari, I want T.C’s chopper),
Riptide’s Screaming Mimi, Blue Thunder after the film,
And the best ever Airwolf (Stringfellow, not St. Jean)!
The Cosby show was big, as was Family Ties, and Cheers,
But the best was Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek ruled this decade, with TNG, Voyager, and films.
Seinfeld was a waste of time to me,
Mad About You was much better, even Frasier too.
Friends, ER, and many more great shows started
Like the best written show of its time Sports Night
And West Wing written by the same guy.
Enterprise was promising, but later failed to deliver.
Many have joined the Law & Order and CSI franchises
I have not
Many enjoy the Desperate Housewives,
While they are all attractive, I don’t watch it.
My obsession is LOST!
4,8,15,16,23,42………………..I want more!
Locke, this is the coolest man on TV.
Hurley best line ever on TV: “Yo! French chick.”
Jack could be the leader of this group of misfits
But Walt is the one with power.
Now we have new characters like Mr. Eko
By far the most thought provoking show ever.
What did you watch?

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