Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pancake Tuesday / Ash Wednesday

By John Ross Harvey

I believe the Roman Catholics created this
A day without meat
So fill up on Pancakes
But they will be better with lots of blueberries
The book I’m reading identifies the Finnish population
Within Canada in Thunder Bay
That Pancakes are a Finnish staple
Unless you’re in Moose Jaw building a boat to go home
At any rate, maybe it was the Finnish Roman Catholics.
The book by the way is by Will Ferguson
Beauty Tips From Moose Jaw, fantastic read.
Now Lent follows Pancake Tuesday on Ash Wednesday
I understand Roman Catholics have the cross put on
Their foreheads in Ash
But the prospect of lent is to fast, or give up something.
As a die-hard tea drinker, that’s not going to be given up.
With the Amazing Race back on TV and LOST, neither is TV.
I positively crave chocolate, so I will attempt
To forgo eating any chocolate enhanced food or confectionary.
It will likely be replaced by very salty Chips.

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