Friday, February 10, 2006

PT Cruisers

Originally posted Aug.3 2005 at

By John Ross Harvey

You’ve all seen PT Cruisers. Yes? No?
They’re a Retro 30’s look body on a Neon chassis.
Oh, sorry an SX2.0 Chassis.
My wife has always insisted they are Mafia cars.
Black ones are for Mafia funerals
White ones are for Weddings of the Mafia.
I think I should come up with a few more choices for other colours.
Purple Cruisers are Wine Dons.
Gold Cruisers are Casino Dons
Red Cruisers own Ferrari, well it is Italian.
Blue Cruisers own Ford.
Have you driven a Ford lately?
Yellow Cruisers are selling Ethanol (made from Corn) to Environmentalists.
Orange Cruisers own Florida
They do vote rather strangely.
What about Grey Cruisers?
They must own everyone else’s cars.
They’re in Insurance!

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