Sunday, February 12, 2006


Originally posted Oct. 18, 2005 at

By John Ross Harvey

There are many types of sneezes.
The simple quiet sneeze, Achoo!
The continuous sneeze, Achoo, achoo, achoo, achoo, etc.
The apologetic sneeze, ACHOO! Sorry!
The personally excused sneeze, Achoo! Excuse me
The excused by others sneeze, Achoo! Your excused or Gesundheit!
There have been studies that say you lose about 300 brain cells per sneeze.
Is that for a quiet sneeze or a loud sneeze?
Which brain cells, ones that store useful information,
Or ones that store useless information?
How do you know what you lost, you’re too busy sneezing.
I’d prefer to designate which brain cells I lose.
Anything that retains stupid commercials like Old Navy and Klondike bars.
I’d rather not lose the ones that remember good things.
So, if you’re going to sneeze, perhaps think of useless info you want to lose.
If you lost it, it was worth sneezing.
If not you can hope for the next sneeze.

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