Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anime Cartoons

Originally posted Aug. 24 2005 at

By John Ross Harvey

You’ve all seen Anime cartoons right?
Giant eyes, skinny guys, voluptuous women.
There is a style that’s the same.
But the quality differs immensely.
If you’re a parent and watch YTV or Teletoon you’ll understand what I mean.
There’s bad sketch Anime like Medabots and Hamtaro
There’s better line drawings like Pokemon and Dragonball shows.
There’s clean animation like Yugioh, so good I’m a fan.
Pretty much all of these come with trading cards, or action figures.
It’s all about the deck in Yugioh
You have a great deck, you win more often
A Pokemon deck is similar concept, in that we cannot throw out Pokemon for battle, so we have cards instead.
Yugioh is a show about the card game
The card game that can save the world
Superheroes that can strategize in a game of cards
Antagonists that don’t know they have a good side
Villains that are seriously warped, playing in the Shadow Realm
Wait a minute, card game, battles, saving the world
George Bush must be a Yugioh fan
He’s definitely operation from the Shadow Realm

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