Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Falling Off The Wagon

By John Ross Harvey

This can be associated with many things
In sports it’s usually called a Bandwagon
If you like the team, you’re on it
If you like them to win, you jump on it.
However, the wagon I refer to is
Mostly associated with stopping alcoholic beverage consumption
As you can balance on a wagon while sober
And fall off when you are drunk.
This isn’t mutually exclusive to alcohol however
Quitting smoking is also a wagon to fall off
Supposedly a big one, though I never smoked, it’s what I’ve heard.
Not being a massive alcoholic, the odd drink now and then recently
Or a smoker. Never did, never will.
I needed something to give up for Lent that was a potential problem.
TV, well LOST and Amazing Race are on, so No.
Tea, consuming great quantities, and I hate coffee, so No.
Chocolate, yes, it’s junk food, rather good, but rather plentiful in my house
That was my choice.
Last week I ate a Caramilk bar, and had 2 chocolate Brownies from
Harvey’s fast-food restaurant
Not an auspicious start, how long until Easter?
On the plus side I’ve avoided 2 Fridays of Chocolate Croissants at work
And an extremely tempting bag of Chocolate truffles.
But now I am picking what I want from my kids’ leftover Hallowe’en Candy
You can bet I’ll pick chocolate.

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