Monday, April 24, 2006

Smoker Drivers

By John Ross Harvey

Is it just me, or do smokers annoy us all?
Why must smoking motorists flick their cigs
Out the window
While bombing down the highway?
Do they not comprehend
The exact location of their ashtray?
Are they oblivious to the laws of litter?
Do they even care?
No, they don’t
Which is why you have cigarette burn marks
In your tires
When you don’t even smoke!
Honestly I think they should install boomerangs
Into cigarette filters so the
Butts fly back into them
Instead of annoying us all.
That’s just my opinion
Do you enjoy having butts thrown at you?
I thought not.
I think all street sweeping should be paid for
By cigarette taxes
It’s their butts getting swept anyway.
$1 per cigarette should cover it.
How’d you like smoking now?

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