Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Originally posted Aug.10 2005 at www.threeforcesofevil.typepad.com

By John Ross Harvey

Face it, life is run by beurocracies.
Governments, corporations, organizations, clubs etc.
All have political attitudes, its who you know, not what you know.
There are always more chiefs than Indians.
I’ve worked for several firms, including one government one,
And they all felt the same.
Directors make up stuff to do; Managers make up stuff to do,
Supervisors know what stuff needs to be done, and get it done
By Coordinators that do stuff, whatever stuff needs to be done.
Assistants work for managers, and directors, and even supervisors.
They know about all the stuff that happens, or will happen, or
Hasn’t happened yet.
As Coordinators, you will be in trouble if stuff isn’t done, whether
You were told about the stuff or not.
Sometimes you have to look for files that never existed.
You do file? Right?
Don’t worry it’ll eventually end up in the Blue Box,
Just keep it until it’s allowed to leave.
The only difference between government and corporations
Is the Euchre games.

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