Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The DaVinci Code

By John Ross Harvey

You’d have to be living under a rock
To have not heard of The DaVinci Code
Many of us, including I, have read it
Many refuse to believe what it’s implying
And have denounced the book as defaming the Christian faith
Well, have any of you heard of the word


Perhaps not.
Yes, it’s an enthralling read, many questions posed
The answers are in many respects
Hence it being a Fiction novel.
It was never released as a Non-fiction book.
Yet many think it is meant to be.
Now that the movie is being released
Maybe the whole secrecy of the storyline will be revealed.
To any that haven’t read the book,
The commercial for the movie means absolutely nothing.
The book has been popular for a few years now
And I did not know what it was about
Until I read it
You may know nothing about it now
If you haven’t read it
Will the Pope put a price on Dan Brown’s head
Like the Ayatollah did for Rushdie’s fiction novel?
I think not
Was it a good book?
Is it non-fiction?

1 comment:

enki said...

I read the book and liked it. This despite it NOT being a great novel. It's really rubbish from a literary POV. But that's fine. I read Worthy, and I read Crap. You can get enjoyment from both.

Critics hate the movie. they hated the book too..big deal.

It is fiction and while it's annoying to believers i doubt it does any real harm. Those who believe it's every word will soon be on to the next fad.

An interesting contrast perhaps with the protests over this book, and those over the danish cartoons. People of a particular faith are VERY angry, but Dan Brown doesn't have to go into hiding....