Monday, July 10, 2006

The BORG Invasion

By John Ross Harvey

If you’re a Star Trek fan there are
Two possible timelines for the Borg Invasion
The 24th Century with Picard
Or the 21st Century also with Picard
Just watch Star Trek: First Contact
But as we are in the 21st Century now
It could be just a few years for Picard to save us.
TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The BORG is among us as we speak!
Everywhere you go there are people with
Odd-looking earpieces
In the streets, in the office, in their cars!
What do you mean we haven’t been invaded?
There’s Borg in my office now!
What’s a Blue-tooth?
Wireless phone headset?
They’re not BORGS?
Sorry for crying Wolf.
I’ve been updated.
Or have I?
Maybe it’s a Borg plot.
You decide.

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