Friday, August 18, 2006

Addiction Volume II

By John Ross Harvey

No doubt you’ve noticed your newspaper
It has always had puzzles
Crossword, Jumble, Word Search etc.
All letter puzzles
Until recently
So addictive it gets it’s own page.
9 x 9 grid w/ number 1-9
1-9 per row horizontal
1-9 per column vertical
1-9 per 3 x 3 box
My wife insisted I try it
Being a numbers person
Well, I’m hooked
I may not always succeed
But I plug away
And erase away
They bought me the electronic handheld
It comes with a light pen
The easy levels are better
They tell you what’s wrong
The hard levels are still too hard
Because they don’t
Perhaps a 16 x 16 grid is next stage
But an 8 x 8 would be better.

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