Friday, August 18, 2006


By John Ross Harvey

Face it; no music format does life stories better than Country
There are more autobiographical hits there than any format
So I’ll write one here for me, and any musicians
Reading it that put it to music, are my new best friend(s).

“Born in a Steel Town”

I was born in a Steel Town
Raised near a Candy Factory
Moved to a Small Town
With a Small Phone Directory
I went to School
I moved Away
Bought a House
I’m here to Stay

Small Town Boy
Works in the Big City
Works for far less than he should
Trying to improve that if he could
When that happens you know he would

College life was sort of fun
All-nighters for many but not this one
Deans list honours did I get
My final semester you’d never bet
My first apartment
My first car
All my friends
Hoping to become a Star

Chorus (repeat)

Working life was tough and mean
Several times were really lean
Out of work more than once
Not my choice as I’m no dunce
Architects that couldn’t draw
Cinemas with a management flaw
Government course to
Computer consultants I never saw

Chorus (repeat)

My next company made airplanes
And now I’m with a Contractor
Drawing until I go insane
Time is always a factor
I took a course in comedy
As I needed a little brevity
Writing for my blog
Sure relieves the stress in me

Chorus (repeat)

Years ago I took a course
In an auto racing school
Lots of funds
For so much fun
In a sport where money rules
Have my own helmet
Go karting for charity
F1 would be better with me

Chorus (repeat)

Now I’m hoping to write a book
Of all my comedy
And produce a board game
Traffic related because that’s me
I don’t claim to be George Carlin
My game is not like Cranium
The Blue Collar boys could be my friends
My goals may never end

Chorus (final)

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