Monday, April 30, 2007

Being Stuck

By John Ross Harvey

Have you ever got stuck in your car?
What do you do?
I’ve always shifted into reverse to find
A piece of roadway or driveway with traction
Then low gear to go forwards again
When it doesn’t work the first time
And your wife is in the car
She just tells you:” You shouldn’t have done that.”
Ok so the whole driveway is ice
I cannot get a grip
I hop out to see a small section of gravel near the tire
So I try again
Probably 4 times until I move forward
“You shouldn’t have done that.”
Well backing up onto the main street
Which is a giant blind spot was less desirable
Than getting stuck for a few minutes
While I figured out how to enter the street Forwards
Similar thing happened in my work commute car
Coming home in the major snowstorm
Waiting for a green light at the top of an incline
To turn left
Had to use reverse again
Hit low gear to go forward and spun my tires
All the way through the intersection
I may have looked stupid
But I got out
OK so maybe All-seasons don’t work well
And I need snow tires for that
But that means I need a space in my garage
And we all know that doesn’t exist
Cars and car parts don’t fit in garages
Junk does

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