Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blogger to Comic?

By John Ross Harvey

Like many potential comics
I’m a writer
I do the Blog thing
But with millions of blogs
Who knows who’s reading?
What is comedy?
Life experiences mostly.
Absolutely anything can become funny.
Traffic commuting is a great source for me
Where else can a little bit of bad weather
Identify smart people from stupid ones?
Grey Car, Grey Road, Grey Sky, No Lights, NO SEE!
I’d bet 95% of accidents are grey cars.
Or when traveling at night
Black Car, Black Road, Black Sky
No Lights at Night, No Brain in Sight!
Or better yet when it snows
White Cars, White Roads, White Sky
If they knew what a Snowbrush did
They might actually be another colour!
You know when is the best time for me to drive is?
Horrific Torrential Rain
Even the stupid people stop and wait.
Then I can have the road to myself
And guaranteed not to be annoyed by stupidity.
I bet you don’t even know what the traffic lights mean.
Red is quite obvious, you stop.
Yellow does not mean, speed up so I miss the red
It means prepare to stop
And if you can’t make it past the light, it means stop.
Green does not mean Go
Why do I say that?
Because I’m right
It means Proceed when the way is Clear
If you cannot proceed, it means stop.
So we have 3 traffic lights that all mean stop
No wonder we have traffic congestion

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