Monday, April 23, 2007

Sports Pools

By John Ross Harvey

At a former employer
Formerly known as Famous Players
I played in the NFL Football pool
I knew very little about NFL then,
And probably less now
But I’d watch the weekend games
To see how I did
I once won 3 of 17 weeks
And season overall
But Jim Kelly of Buffalo got injured
And I changed my playoff picks
Which would have won me the Playoffs too!
But I changed it so I didn’t.
When bowling I played a playoff hockey pool
Which was actually a Legion pool
Picked the right two teams and the right final game score
When Colorado won the Cup
Won about $500
I’ve now entered a playoff NBA pool
I hate basketball
Know very little about who’s good or not
And made my picks
My colleague thinks I picked well
And could win it all.
After game 1 round
I lead the standings
Sometimes it pays to know less.
Time will tell.

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