Friday, May 18, 2007

Gas Prices

By John Ross Harvey

I know we love our vehicles, car, truck, SUV etc.
Most of us use gasoline-powered vehicles
Some use Propane, or Natural Gas
Fewer still use Electric or Hybrid gas-electric cars
Who’s happy with the price of gasoline today?
Not too many
I took a vacation on Canada’s East Coast
Gas prices ranged from 98.9 cents/litre to $1.069/litre
When I returned in Montreal it was $1.144/litre
Last year prices were averaging 75 cents/litre
Before that 65, before that 55, before that 49
This year has gone from 75-85-95-to over $1
Every oil company has an excuse for this gouging
It’s either the temperature, the demand, or the supply
It’s never, ever, their desire to fill their pockets
But clearly it is.
Does a loaf of bread change 4 times a day?
Does Milk or Pop?
Why is the oil industry allowed to fluctuate prices?
And claim no responsibility for the change?
It’s time we regulated prices to be constant.
I suggest 49.9 cents/litre forever.
If we run out of gas…
We’ll hitch a ride on an electric one.
If it’s cord is long enough.

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