Monday, May 14, 2007

Why I Rant

By John Ross Harvey

I have been ranting about bad driving
On this blog
And on-air of my favourite radios station
Country 95.3’s
Segment called Wednesday Whine Cellar
For a good long time now
There are many reasons why I do this
Let’s try to list them for you.

Driving properly is safe
Safe drivers live to see the next day
I care whether you see the next day
It may be tough love, but someone has to give it
I want you to think first
I want you to improve yourself
I want you to understand
Weather affects your safety
Light conditions affect your safety
Visibility is paramount to your safety
Driving is a courtesy not a privilege
Always signal intentions
Your children need their parents
Your afterlife can wait

So now you know
Just like Simon Cowell seems mean to singers
So they can be better singers
I seem mean to motorists
So they can become better drivers
It’s all from the heart
Your life has meaning
Don’t waste it by endangering it when you drive
Pay attention
Don’t lose the good habits
Don’t develop the bad ones.

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