Friday, June 22, 2007

Girl Friends Vs. Girlfriends

By John Ross Harvey

Being a married man
My Girlfriend is of course my wife
But I have several Girl Friends
And a man should be allowed
To have conversations
With women that aren’t his better half.
To be honest
The men at work just aren’t that fun
No offense to my male friends
But I much prefer talking with the female variety
Even if the topic changes to a feminine subject
Women seem to have no problem
Talking about pregnancy, bridal showers, and undergarments
While in my presence
I don’t have to respond to the topics
But the women are not particularly bothered
By my being in earshot of the conversation
Whatever it might be
And it’s not like smiles from men do much for you
Whereas a woman’s smile can improve your day
And their work attire can often improve your day
It’s unlikely your pals’ new loafers will ever hold a candle
To the girl’s new miniskirt or form fitting tee
Obviously you don’t comment on the outfit
Unless you are asked specifically
Then you would give the token comment “You look good.”
It’s not like “You have a great booty.” will go over big
And they wont sit near you for lunch ever again
Then you’d be stuck with the guys
Talking about their new loafers

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