Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Chocolate Is Good For You

By John Ross Harvey

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Findings are interesting because they suggest it takes only a 6.3 gram serving of dark chocolate per day - only 30 calories worth - to lower blood pressure. In the study, researchers from the University Hospital in Cologne, Germany gave 44 volunteers, aged 55 to 75 years, either 6.3 grams of dark chocolate or an equivalent 30 calorie portion of white chocolate for 18 weeks. Participants were otherwise healthy except for having prehypertension or hypertension and were not taking blood pressure medications.
After 18 weeks, no one gained weight but only dark chocolate eaters experienced a decline in blood pressure. Everyone in the dark chocolate group had lower systolic or diastolic blood pressure and four people moved from hypertension to prehypertension.
The researchers noted that while the magnitude of blood pressure lowering was small, it was noteworthy. On a population level, such reductions would lower deaths from stroke and heart disease.
This isn't the first study to demonstrate chocolate's ability to reduce elevated blood pressure. In 2005, Italian researchers reported that eating a daily dose (100 grams) of dark chocolate for two weeks lowered blood pressure in 20 men and women with high blood pressure. Other studies have found similar results. But 100 grams of dark chocolate translates into 470 calories and 30 grams of fat - and amount that over the long term could cause weight gain and undo the positive effects on blood pressure.

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