Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wiper Blades

By John Ross Harvey

Most wipers are made somewhat universal
Many have an ability to grab a wiper arm hook
That’s what my car has, hooks
Yet my wipers do not lock on that hook
At least the passenger side does not
Twice this morning in the rain
The passenger side wiper came off
The first time I was able to pull over
And reinstall it on the hook
Quiet street, low speed limit, lots of parking area
The second time, I was not
And it fell to the road
Lakeshore Boulevard
A very busy street, higher speed limit, nowhere to park
I had to drive back to the area, park illegally
Put on my 4-way hazard lights
And wait for traffic to stop for the red light
So I could grab my wiper blade
Right in front of the Police car
Sadly, it got well run over
And my car is now 1 blade short of a clear window
The arm is up to prevent scratching the window
So in essence, it’s lifting a finger to the world
Take that, useless wiper blade!

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